Remote Attendance Reminder

Attendance Reminder

Legacy students and parents please remember if you are participating in remote learning you must earn credit for attendance daily.  Not only must it be measured daily it must be measured for each class period daily.  You cannot just check in once and have it count for the entire day.  Each class must have a 90% attendance rate for you to receive credit for the class.  Students who fall below the 90% attendance rate risk losing credit for the class, and having to retake the class, no matter what the final grade recorded for the class is.    

Students can receive attendance credit by interacting with teachers via email, a zoom meeting, a phone call, turning in an assignment, a check-in via google classroom, or through any other teacher/student interaction the teacher prescribes.  These interactions must occur during the day of the class.  So, for example, a student has until midnight on the day the class meets to turn in an assignment, view the recorded zoom meeting, respond to a teacher’s email or any other form of interaction the teacher designates.  The key is that this occurs each day the class meets for every single class they are enrolled in that day at Legacy.

For students taking Temple College classes, they must check into the college class at the time the class is normally scheduled to meet.  These classes are all meeting remotely but at the normally scheduled time.  Legacy students have to log into these classes each time the class meets at the exact time that the class meets.  

If you have questions regarding anything related to attendance please contact the Legacy office.