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The focus at Legacy Early College High School is on providing a life changing educational experience. Our curriculum promotes intellectual curiosity, academic acceleration, global competencies and communication skills. Legacy ECHS is able to provide this dynamic curriculum through our partnerships with Temple College, the University of Texas and College Board.


Legacy ECHS is piloting a new groundbreaking program that provides students the opportunity to perform community service through an advanced placement course.

Through our partnership with WE.org and the College Board Legacy ECHS will:


  • Encourage teachers and students to apply the knowledge they gain in college-level AP classes by locally developing and enacting service initiatives that address opportunities and challenges in our own or others’ communities.
  • Allow for broader discussions of demanding academic material due to the interactive and problem-based nature of service-learning projects.
  • Provide students the relevant tools and resources to design and implement their own service-learning programs that directly impact our community
  • Create a broad based, well prepared future community leaders


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